Bang - Wiggle - Shake - Shimmy - Smile

Our nurseries use Boogie Mites to provide your child regular opportunities for music and movement activities in nursery to build their confidence and skills. 

Your child will enjoy crafting their own instruments which they will love using adding to the beat of original songs wriiten by the Boogie Mites creators.  Take a look at an example here...

Why do we do this? 

Boogie Mites is fun but there's far more to it and the programme is full of 'brain boosting benefits' for your child based on research in the field of child development and neuroscience.

The evidence suggests that children who undertake music education from early years have higher levels of cognitive capacity (especially regarding language acquisition and numerical problem solving), tend to remain in education for longer, and earn more across their lifetime. Even better news is that it can also reverse the cognitive issues relating to disadvantage.” Anita Collins, a researcher in neuroscience and music education at the University of Canberra, Sydney Herald July 2015


Fun for parents too!

From time to time we also run sessions for parents and their children too to give you a taste of the activities and help you to support your child's learning at home too.


You can find out more by visiting the Boogie Mites page