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Our Facilities Team

Complete Childcare employs a team of facilities experts who help to keep our nurseries the safe secure places you rely up on.  They are very much the unsung heroes of our company taking care of tasks great and small and most importantly they understand that our nurseries are the domain of our children and know how to work safely at all times and how to explain what they are doing to little inquisitive minds.  We don't just allow anyone to turn up and work in our nurseries!

The team is lead by Simon Hasler who has been working with us for...well let's just say it's a long time and his passion for Early Years is as strong as his passion to complete tasks to a high standard.  He passes this enthusiasm and knowledge to everyone on the team and is very much the 'go to guy' within Complete Childcare.

Having such a dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable facilities team is just one of our commitments to giving you a great dependable service.