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Great Little Movers

The Great Little Movers (GLM) physical development programme is exclusive to Complete Childcare nurseries and cannot be found anywhere else.  The programme takes place in all of our nurseries each and every week developing children’s physical ability and awareness and building their confidence all supported by the nursery's GLM Champion.  The children’s physical development is not limited to GLM sessions only, the skills and interests that children have developed in the sessions are indulged and expanded upon during every nursery day.  Meaning your child experiences the very best development opportunities and has the very best chance of a lifelong healthy active lifestyle.


Once a child reaches the age of two years old they have developed a natural interest in their body and start exploring the movements they can make.  From a little wiggle to music to triumphantly climbing over a large obstacle, children love moving and we love seeing a child’s concentration turn in to a smile of achievement. 

The GLM programme consists of four week bursts that focus on one area of interest that can spark hundreds of different movements.  Over the four week burst the children are introduced to particular movements, equipment, and games which see children gaining understanding in week one, leading to new skills and abilities emerge and develop over the next weeks with many becoming masters of certain skills by week four.