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Ready to learn.  Ready for Life!

All Complete Childcare nurseries uphold the principles of excellent child development that has been honed developing the children of the Thames Valley for over 20 years.

We believe all children have an equal right to be fulfilled, unique and healthy individuals.  Our vision is to provide the caring, happy and challenging environment every day which their parents would want themselves, making them 'Ready to learn, ready for life.'

Child development at Complete Childcare starts at the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and goes way further to help your child make the most of their time at nursery and prepare them for the journey ahead.  It is often written that children in their early years should learn through play, and we agree but once again go further.  Children should learn through play in an environment that enables them to do so with the support of appropriately trained staff who have the passion for providing memorable learning experiences.  Children should have access to passionate people with expertise in the specific areas of language, physical development, and outdoor learning.  That is exactly what we do at Complete Childcare. 

Carry on reading to find out more.


The learning environment

All of our nurseries are designed to allow children to learn through exploration and discovery.  Where ever possible the rooms for a particular age group interconnect allowing children to freeflow in between areas to choose the activities that interest them at that time, and to enable them to do this our rooms are set up with a variety of interest centres such as construction, mark making, role play, creative areas, book corners and quiet spaces.  We believe that children should also have the option to explore and create outside so we also set up the same interest centres in our outdoor spaces so that children have the same opportunities outdoors as they do indoors.  Both indside and outside you will find that the toys, games, books and equipment are at child height and most importantly accessible meaning that if any child wishes to spend time exploring a particular activity they can without barriers with staff at hand to support them.


The learning resources and equipment

The toys, resources, and equipment in our nurseries have been specifically chosen for their suitability for the age groups and for their numerous potential developmental benefits.  There is always a healthy balance between modern toys and games with their intriguing buttons, flashing lights and sounds and the more traditional style equipment such as the good old building block. We absolutely love seeing how the youngest children explore their senses with texture, contrast, taste and smell and how as they grow the children create new games and build fantastic imaginary worlds in which to explore and develop their understanding of the world.  So much fun!


Capturing development

Staff carefully devote their time actively caring for and playing with the children and supporting the whole group routine with welcoming the children, circle times, nappy changing and toilet training, meal times, and saying farewell at the end of nursery day.  During this time they are constantly carrying out observations spotting those developmental milestones and subtle changes in a child's interests ready to record and share in your child's Learning Journey.  The Learning Journey is specific to your child and features a series of observations that detail the activities your child takes part in by capturing the moment in both written word and photograph.  This begins from the moment your child begins their journey at our nurseries and stays with them until they leave at which point all of this information can be shared with their new school or wherever else your child is taking their next steps.  You have access to your child's Learning Journey and are more than welcome to take a peek inside anytime, you will also be given plenty of opportunities to learn more about how your child spends their day at the nursery's parents evenings and other events.


Development Extras!

Great Little Movers

Great Little Movers (GLM) is our physical development programme for children and is exclusive to Complete Childcare.  The GLM programme consists of four week bursts that focus on one area of interest that can spark hundreds of different movements.  Over the four week burst the children are introduced to particular movements, equipment, and games which see children gaining understanding in week one, leading to new skills and abilities emerge and develop over the next weeks with many becoming masters of certain skills by week four.  The nurseries run Mini Movers sessions for the younger children to enhance their physical development in advance of their graduation to Great Little Movers. 


Learning French

Madame Catherine Puyravaud is our dedicated French teacher who has a passion for developing children's language skills and has been involved in teaching one way or another for most of her life starting with teaching her dollies the alphabet, aged 4!  Madame visits each nursery once per week and hosts a fun learning session introducing the children to the French language and culture with a series of seasonal activities to spark the children's imaginations.  Madame has been working at Complete Childcare nurseries for over twenty years and is loved and cherished by all the staff and children. 


Outdoor Learning

Your child's time at our nurseries is not limited to our four walls, we have a passion for helping children to explore the world and we believe that there is so much adventure, fun and learning to be had in the outdoor environment.  All the children and staff love brilliant activities such as Tree hugging and measuring, Bug hunts, Leaf kebabs, and having camping fun and tent building.  Outdoor Learning is a great philosophy where children use full sized tools, play, learn boundaries of behaviour, both physical and social, establish and grow in confidence, self esteem and become self motivated.