Chestnut Pavillion

Woosehill, Wokingham, RG41 3BP

Open Mon - Fri

7:30am - 6:00pm

Woosehill Day Nursery

Woosehill Day Nursery & Pre-School has been open since 1989, caring for children aged 3 months to 5 years old from its site nestled amongst the woodlands at Chestnut Park, Wokingham. The nursery cares for up to 53 children at any one time and benefits from its own car park and a recently refurbished garden area.

We are Ofsted graded 'Good'! You can read our latest report here

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Complete Care

We are known as Complete Childcare because we:

  • give every child we care for a positive and lasting memory of a fulfilling childhood
  • provide the same level and completeness of care to every child as if they were our own
  • know and understand the hopes and wishes of every parent for their child
  • use all our resources and professional training to develop the whole personality of every child. 

Cuddles and comfort

Hugs and cuddles help children to feel safe and provide them with great comfort when they are first settling into nursery. As their confidence grows and they explore more, they rely less on hugs and cuddles but still enjoy special time on our laps reading books, sitting and talking, and playing.

Safe and secure

Safety, security and trust are the fundamentals of happiness which is why we go to great lengths to make sure your child feels safe and secure at our nurseries. Our caring staff spend time forming bonds with the children and create a space with features they recognise and find comfort in.

Taking care of their feelings

In their early years children sometimes find it difficult to find the right words to explain their feelings. Our staff are experts in spotting the subtle signs when a child is unsure about their feelings and will always help the child to explore and understand what they are feeling and provide reassurance. 

Plenty of praise

Children love to please and letting them know just how well they have done is key to building confident, capable children. This helps them to learn, builds a desire to achieve, to make friends more easily, and feel happier and more secure. Our staff have many ways to let a child know they have done something fantastic.

This is all underpinned by our policies and procedures and our commitment to getting it right. If you ever feel that we may not have done as well as we could have, we would like to know about it. You can let us know through our Compliments & Complaints section of this website.


Green Bottoms

Complete Development

Ready to learn. Ready for Life!

All Complete Childcare nurseries uphold the principles of excellent child development that has been honed developing the children in our care for over 20 years.

We believe all children have an equal right to be fulfilled, unique and healthy individuals.  Our vision is to provide the caring, happy and challenging environment every day which their parents would want themselves, making them 'Ready to learn, ready for life.'

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The EYFS Statutory Guidance sets out the minimum standards that early years settings must reach to deliver childcare to children aged 0-5 years. These are legal requirements and are the standards Ofsted use to inspect our settings. Alongside the statutory framework is Development Matters, which guides our curriculum and helps us to plan activities for your child that will help them reach the next steps in their development. We will hold regular meetings with you to chat about your child’s progress.

Capturing development 

Staff carefully devote their time actively caring for and playing with the children, supporting the whole group routine from the start to end of the day. Practitioners carry out observations and record these online for you to see on EY Works, along with daily events such as meals eaten or sleeps. An electronic record of your child’s Learning Journey, comprising images and observations taking during their time at nursery, is provided to you when your child leaves for primary school.

Development Extras! 

Boogie Mites

Our nurseries use Boogie Mites to provide your child with regular opportunities for music and movement activities at nursery, to build their confidence and skills. 

Please visit the Boogie Mites section of our website for more information.


Outdoor Learning

Your child's time at our nurseries is not limited to our four walls. We have a passion for helping children to explore the world, and we believe that there is so much adventure, fun and learning to be had in the outdoor environment.  All the children and staff love brilliant activities such as tree-hugging and measuring, bug hunts, leaf kebabs, and having camping fun and tent building.

Complete Environments

Woosehill Day Nursery provides rich learning environments which are ideal spaces for the children to thrive in. We have a blend of educational resources with a home from home feel so that children consider our nursery to be a second home, where they enjoy learning, meals and rest.

We have 3 rooms, covering 3 age ranges: our Nest for the 0-2s; the Meadows for our 2-3s; and finally, our Woodlands room for our 3-5s.

The Nest

The Nest is a large room which can accommodate 18 babies aged 0-2 years; we also have a section for our non-mobile babies called the little Nest, which enables them to explore their environment in a safe way. There is a separate sleep room with cots in for the younger babies, and once they are a year old, we have sleep mats for them to progress on to. There is a garden attached to the Nest which is a lovely space, set up for the children to explore. They have a small growing space where we encourage them to get involved in growing their own herbs and vegetables. 

The Meadows

The Meadows is a bright space for up to 16 children aged 2 to 3; they have a range of activities and resources to use and explore. They share the large garden area with the 3 to 5-year olds, which features a beautiful new decked area outside which has created our ‘outdoor classroom’. This allows the children the free flow between indoor learning and outdoor learning, giving them a wide range of opportunities to be involved in. The decked area is covered, so they have access to this all year round. 

The Woodlands

The Woodlands is our Pre-School room, which can hold 19 children all getting ready to start their journey in preparing for the next transition to school. The Woodlands children share the garden with those aged 2 to 3, and the space also a mud kitchen, a fire pit and a soft play surface.

Complete Nutrition

All snacks and meals are freshly prepared on site every day by our nursery cooks.

Our daily menus are carefully planned to meet the nutritional needs of your child throughout their day, while including new tastes and textures. We use Public Health guidance to create balanced menus especially for Early Years, with lots of fruit and vegetables and a variety of world food recipes. We can accommodate most dietary requirements and allergies and we will make subtle changes to the dishes as necessary.

Complete Learning

Our nurseries are fantastic environments that are full of learning opportunities, and children are brilliant at exploring these, enjoying the sense of discovery.

Being challenged in a variety of ways, in an environment in which they feel safe and secure will boost your child’s confidence and can shape their attitude to learning in the future.

We plan for your child’s learning and examples of this can be found displayed in the nursery; you can also speak to the staff for more information on what we do.

Some of the ways we support your child’s learning are through Babbling Babies, BLAST and phonics activities. 

All our nurseries are designed to allow children to learn through exploration and discovery. Wherever possible the rooms for a particular age group interconnect, allowing children to free-flow in between areas to allow them to choose the activities that interest them at the time. Both inside and outside you will find that the toys, games, books and equipment are at child height so the children have the same opportunities indoors as well as outdoors.

Complete Administration

Easy to do business with

We aim to make your childcare easy to manage from day one, be it through dealing with the nursery staff or the head office team.

No Large Financial Deposit

We don't want to sit on a pile of your money, we'd rather you use it to build a better everyday life for you and your family.

No Administration Fee

We are happy to read a couple of forms, to tap a few buttons, and make a few calls to get you set up and ready for your child's first day.  

Pay by Direct Debit

No writing cheques or fumbling through bags, purses and wallets to find your bank card to make a payment.  Leave it to your bank and us to take care of.  

Simple Paperwork

What we do is keep it all simple and relevant.  It shouldn't take you any more than a few minutes to complete all the forms we need ahead of your child's first day with us.

"I can do that for you today"

We work hard to train, equip and empower our nursery managers to be able to deal with almost any query in-nursery and in the very same day.  For those tasks they need a little more support with we have our Nursery Support Team at Complete Childcare Head Office to help.

Map & Contact

Woosehill Day Nursery,
Chestnut Pavillion, Woosehill,
Wokingham, RG41 3BP 
   0118 979 5306