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Kingsclere Day Nursery is a small charming nursery that parents love for its intimate homely feel and setting.  Much like a family home, the rooms are warm and cosy. The kitchen at the heart of it all, where freshly prepared meals and snacks are created each and every day.  You’ll know what your child had to eat throughout the day through the convenient app Parent Zone where you can log in and keep updated with what they have been doing.  This is just one of our Family Friendly Features we pride ourselves on, others include:

  • Opening times of 8:00am till 6:00pm
  • All inclusive service 
    • Meals freshly cooked and prepared on site every day
      • Breakfast
      • Snack
      • Lunch
      • Afternoon Tea
    • Nappies and Wipes provided
  • Our Secure Parent Zone
    • Where we share photos, videos, and key information about how your child spent their day with us.
  • Active Events Calendar
    • Lots going on for the children to enjoy throughout the year
    • Parents and relatives are welcome to join in the fun
  • Family Forum
    • Our fun relaxed group where you help us to make the nursery even more amazing and tell us how we can help you more
  • Easy to do business with
    • No large deposit required or unnecessary paperwork
    • Pay by Direct Debit
    • Nursery manager can help with 99% of account queries



The youngest members of the Kingsclere family start their journey with us in the upstairs suite of rooms giving them a variety of activity areas created especially for their needs, including a peaceful and cosy sleep room.  As they grow they progress downstairs to a suite of warm homely rooms in which they can explore, create, and develop new interests.  Our pre-school children are introduced to numeracy and phonics activities whilst allowing them to continue to learn through play and discovery as they take their steps towards starting school.

All children have access to the outside areas, which include a covered decking area where we provide all the learning opportunities they have inside too.  Your child can act out adventures in the play house, create sand sculptures in the sand pit, scoot along on a selection of ride-a-longs, and develop those motor skills through climbing and balancing.  In addition to this we have a strong ethos of embracing nature and the outdoor world and we plan special activities where children can experience the great outdoors safely under the supervision of staff.