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The great outdoors provides so many rich and valuable learning experiences for children, experiences that many children in nurseries miss out on.  Not at a  Complete Childcare nursery! 

We are unique care providers who embrace this innovative approach to outdoor play and exploration and as a result each of our nurseries incorporates forest school activities  into their curriculum.

We look to all of our nurseries to inspire and spread the love of the great outdoors to children, through fun activities and resources that introduce the children to a wonderful outdoor world of adventure.

We seek to develop children’s understanding of the world around them by using their imagination, emotions and senses providing activities such as mini-beast hunts, leaf matching, and picture making with natural materials. The children become aware of the sounds and smells associated with the woodland, learning to respect and appreciate their natural surroundings.  Learning about life cycles, natural   habitats, tree identification and exploring the flora and fauna of our  nurseries.

“Parents are amazed and proud to see their children embrace the outdoor  environment and tell us about the things they have learned from their children’s enthusiasm and confidence with nature.”