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Merrydale Day Nursery is conveniently located at Amen Corner close to the A329 and has served hundreds of busy commuting families over the years.  With its own car park, friendly experienced team, and large garden it has been a very popular choice with parents for these and other Family Friendly Features:

  • Opening times of 7:30am till 6:00pm
  • All inclusive service 
    • Meals freshly cooked and prepared on site every day
      • Breakfast
      • Snack
      • Lunch
      • Afternoon Tea
    • Nappies and Wipes provided
  • Our Secure Parent Portal
    • Where we share photos, videos, and key information about how your child spent their day with us.
  • Active Events Calendar
    • Lots going on for the children to enjoy throughout the year
    • Parents and relatives are welcome to join in the fun
  • Family Forum
    • Our fun relaxed group where you help us to make the nursery even more amazing and tell us how we can help you more
  • Easy to do business with
    • No large deposit required or unnecessary paperwork
    • Pay by Direct Debit
    • Nursery manager can help with 99% of account queries



The whole of the top floor is dedicated to our youngest children giving them a variety of spaces to explore and enjoy in safety.  This includes a cosy and peaceful sleep room so they can rest during their busy days.  As children grow with us they progress to downstairs where they have a series of interconnected rooms in which to play, create, learn and discover.  We also have the Merryden which gives the children flexibility during our exciting imminent expansion where we will be creating more spaces for the children to enjoy.  Our outdoor areas are enjoyed by all of the children each and every day with our decked canopy area ensuring that they can enjoy playing and learning outside in all weathers.  As a Complete Childcare nursery we have a strong ethos of embracing nature and the outdoor world, our children have opportunities to experience the great outdoors safely under the supervision of staff.